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Since version 13.0, there are two types of update available for DataLife Engine. Manual and automatic. If your site has a version lower than 13.0, you must use the manual update. If your site has a version 13.0 and above, you can use both automatic and manual updates.


Automatic update:


In the admin panel of your site, on the home page, click on "Check updates" and if there is a new version, click on the link update script, then follow the instructions on your site. You can also go directly to the admin panel in the update section at http://yoursite.com/admin.php?mod=upgrade and follow the instructions.


Manual update:


1Make a backup copy of the database and all the script files on the server.

2Update all files on the server from the /upload/ folder of this archive (except /templates/)

3Log in your adminpanel http://yoursite.com/admin.php, and follow the instructions.

4Make the required changes to your templates, according to the list of changes posted at: https://dle-news.com/extras/diffs/