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Script installation on the server


Script installation on the server is fully automated and should not cause any problems, but you need to perform some steps to set access rights to folders.


1. First, copy all the files from the upload folder of this archive to your server.

2. Make the templates folder and all its subfolders writable.(CHMOD 777)

3. Make all files in the templates folder writable.  (CHMOD 666)

4. Make backup and uploads folders writable, as well as all the folders inside them. (CHMOD 777)

5. Make the following folders writable (CHMOD 777) /engine/data/, /engine/cache/, /engine/cache/system/.

6. Run the and follow the instructions.


Warning: Clear installation of the script erases the data of previously installed DLE script. Read the upgrade instructions to update the installed script.


Automatic installer will check all the necessary files and adjust connection to the database. After installation is complete, you can go to demo page and see how the script works. To access the Administration Panel, you must go to