Used CSS classes

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Used CSS classes

The following CSS classes are used in DataLife Engine:


.calendar - Displays the calendar table.

.monthlink - Months navigation link in a calendar.

.day-active-v - Working days class if there are news.

.day-active - Saturdays and Sundays if there are news.

.day - Working days class if there are no news.

.weekday - Saturdays and Sundays if there are no news.

.day-current - Current date, or if the user browses news for this day.


.archives - Displays a list of archives.


.xfields - Extra fields when adding news.


.rating - Displays rating.


.quote -  Used to display a quote or information about hidden text.

.scriptcode - Used to display the information contained in the [CODE] tag.


.pm - Table to display received personal messages.

.pm_head - Table header.

.pm_list - List of the messages themselves.

.pm_progress_bar - Occupancy scale of personal messages inbox.


#dropmenudiv - Drop-down menu when using the fast and full editing.


#newpm, #newpmheader - To set up a notification about a new personal message.




.editbclose, .editor_button_brk - Styles for customizing buttons of BB editor when fast editing the articles on the website.


.editor - overall style of BB editor.


.clouds_xsmall, .clouds_small, .clouds_medium, .clouds_large, .clouds_xlarge - To adjust the size of different keywords in the tag cloud, depending on their popularity.


.highslide-active-anchor, .highslide-image-blur, .highslide-html-content, .highslide-loading, a.highslide-full-expand, .highslide-display-block, .highslide-display-none - To adjust the pop-up window that displays the original image from its small copy.


.highslide-dimming - Used to set the darkened background when you enable the "Gallery" mode to see uploaded images.


#loading-layer - Design for the information window on the execution of the AJAX action.


#searchsuggestions - Design for fast website search.


.mass_comments_action - Design for action select menu action over the comments on the website.


Do not forget to use these styles in your main template.