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General information

DataLife Engine allows to use template system to display news and various modules. We have tried to simplify the use of templates in the engine as much as possible. You do not need to know programming languages to use it, only HTML language. However, we recommend you to read the templates instruction manual carefully to use templates completely and easily. It will let you determine which tags are used in templates and what they were made for.


In DLE, template is a folder which is located in /temlates/ folder. Files that are in it are the files of the same template.


You can also include one template into another using {include file="my_block.tpl"} tag. This tag includes specified my_block.tpl file into the template. The tag is designed to simplify the structure template when a complex layout with multiple tags is used. This tag works in all .tpl template files. The file that is connected must be in your template's folder or in its subfolders. If you want to connect a template file which is in a different template, you must use the full path from the root directory of the script. For example, {include file="/templates/mytemplate/my_block.tpl"}.


Tags of the connectable template must be the same as those which are allowed in the template which is used to include that file. For example, if my_block.tpl connects into main.tpl, then tags that are allowed in main.tpl will be working in this file.