General Features

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General Features

DataLife Engine has the following features:


General Features:


Uses MySQL to store data

Minimal database load

Uses AJAX advanced technology

Displays news, articles and anything you want

Supports user friendly URL that allows to use the article title and any other text in the web browser URL bar. Thanks to that, indexation in search engines will be better (modrewrite required)

You can disable user friendly URL

General website statistics

Additional fields support (allows to use not only brief and complete news articles, but also to create any number of additional fields of various kinds to input the information)

You can write articles with several pages

Flood control

Automatic words filter in comments

Categories support

You can create any number of nested categories

Each category can have a separate template

Automatic cutting of long words in comments

Articles rating


Search in articles including additional fields (highlighting the found text)

View unread news since last visit

Article news counter allows to see how many times the article has been red

You can add an article to Favorites

Sending messages to users through a form on the website

Displaying pages using gzip compression method

Support of user personal messages

Support for multiple languages

Popular articles displaying in a separate block

You can create statistics pages directly through Administration Panel

You can choose between simplified and advanced registration. Advanced registration requires the account to be activated to complete the registration. User gets the activation notice via e-mail

You can upload and attach files to the article

Built-in protection from unauthorized files downloading (antileech)

RSS news import

RSS informers

Multilingual support of news on website

Tag Cloud support

Automatic smartphone support


User can:


Register on a website

Add comments

Edit and delete own comments

Add news

Moderate news

Upload profile picture

Recover password

Edit news on the website

Change website skin

Add news to Favorites and quick access to them

View and add videos on the website

Upload large amount of images and files in one click

Statistics is carried out on each user (including rating and profile)

Different information can be shown to registered users and unregistered users.

Bulk image uploading is supported

Personalized advertisements displaying for a specified groups is supported

"One-click" complaint system on errors, news, comments, personal messages


Administrator can:


Add, edit and delete news

Use fully customizable Administration Panel for different user groups

Use two editors (BBCODES or WYSIWYG)

Use Anti-Virus which scans the file status for a hacking possibilities

Edit users

Use emoticons and HTML code

Create user groups with fine-tuning of different access rights

Ban users

Use tools to create and edit templates directly in the Administration Panel

Adjust time

Adjust publication date

Publish the article automatically at a specified time

Turn off calendar and archives (to save resources)

Fix news (to be always on top, regardless of the date)

Disable visitor registration

Overlay watermark on images

Upload images for each news article (when removing news, pictures will also be removed)

Use convenient uploaded images manager

Search users by IP address

Convenient management of advertising materials

Quick search and replace the database entry

Publish "rules" on the website

Create a sitemap for Google

Create filters for words and meanings autosubstitution

Automatic temporary suspension of registration when the maximum number of registered users is reached

Automatic reduction of uploaded images to the specified size keeping the aspect ratio

Users who have not visited the website for a specified time are removed automatically

Optimization, repair, backup and restoration of the database can be made directly from the script


And many other useful features...