Advertising management

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Advertising management

This module is designed for quick and easy placement and management of your advertising materials on the website. In order to place your banner on the website, you only need to add the banner tag into the template, and then you can easily change or edit the banner code in Administration Panel, without touching the template.


After you add your banner, you can place its tag in main.tpl or fullstory.tpl templates. If you want to display the banner between articles annotation, then there is no need to add the tag in your template. The banner will be displayed between news automatically.


Example of work:


- Name: header

- Description: Top banner

- Enable banner display: Yes

- Show on Homepage only: No

- Fix location: No

- Place in article annotations: None


If you want this banner to be displayed only for certain groups, you can choose user groups for which you want to display this banner when you add a banner. You can also set the starting time and date of the banner displaying and its end time and date.


After that you can add the tag to display a banner {banner_header} to main.tpl or fullstory.tpl templates


You can use HTML and JavaScript when you add a banner code.