Personal messages

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Personal messages

Displaying of this section can be configured in pm.tpl. Personal messages templates can be configured in this section. It is not recommended to edit this section without knowledge of HTML, because it uses the field names that are passed to the script via the form. In other words, you can edit the text as you like, but do not change the names of the fields, it is extremely important. You can use the following tags:


[inbox] and [/inbox]

Link to inbox.

[outbox] and [/outbox]

Link to sent mail.

[new_pm] and [/new_pm]

Link to unread personal messages.

[pmlist] and [/pmlist]

Displays the enclosed text if personal message list is viewed.


Personal message list.

[newpm] and [/newpm]

Displays the enclosed text when writing new personal message.


Maximum number of messages that user can store.


Used space in the inbox of the user as a percentage.


Bar of fullness of personal messages.


Recipient of the message.


Subject of the message.


Displays BBCODE or WYSIWYG editor depending on the settings for adding the comment.


Text of message.

[readpm] and [/readpm]

Displays text in the tags if the message is viewed.

[reply] and [/reply]

Link to reply to a message.

[del] and [/del]

Link to delete a message.


Displays CAPTCHA code.

[sec_code] and [/sec_code]

Displays the enclosed text if it was set to use CAPTCHA when adding the article.


Link to a photo.


User's group icon.


User's group name.


Number of user's news.


Number of user's comments.


Displays the enclosed text and user's signature if user has set it in his profile.


Comments publication date. The date format can be configured in system settings.


Date of the registration.




Displays the enclosed text if reCAPTCHA type was enabled in settings.


Displays reCAPTCHA widget if it was enabled in settings.




Displays the enclosed text as a link to writing a complaint to the comment.


Displays inks to add user to ignore list.

[online] text [/online]

Displays the enclosed text only if user is online (20 minutes since the last visit).

[offline] text [/offline]

Displays the enclosed text only if user is offline.


[declination=X] text [/declination]

Changes endings according to the specified number. X is a number and "text" is a word with its endings. Endings are specified separated by "|" symbol. This tag is useful to be used with other tags that display, for example, number of views of the article or number of comments. For example, [declination={comments-num}]commen|t|ts[/declination] displays the following, depending on the number of comments: "1 comment", "10 comments"