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Add article

Display of this form is configured in addnews.tpl. In this section you can customize templates which are used when users add news to the database. It is not recommended to edit this section without knowledge of HTML, because it uses the field names that are passed to the script via the form. In other words, you can edit the text as you like, but do not change the names of the fields, it is extremely important. You can use the following tags:



Displays the field of the category selection where the article will belong to.


Displays your selected extra field in the form to add news to your desired location, where X is the name of an additional field for news


Displays extra fields (see the test template for details).


Displays buttons for inserting tags in the article.


Displays extra options for Administrator.

[urltag] and [/urltag]

Displays the enclosed text to edit User-friendly URL of the article (available for Administrator).

[not-wysywyg] and [/not-wysywyg]

Displays the enclosed text if WYSIWYG is disabled. If it is enabled then the text will be removed.


Displays WYSIWYG editor to edit the article annotation.


Displays the title when editing the article.


User-friendly URL value.


Article annotation.


Full article.

[sec_code] and [/sec_code]

Displays the enclosed text if it was set to use CAPTCHA when adding the article.


Displays the CAPTCHA code.


Displays WYSIWYG editor when adding the full article.




Displays the enclosed text if reCAPTCHA type was enabled in settings.


Displays reCAPTCHA widget if it was enabled in settings.

[question] and [/question]

Displays the enclosed text if question/answer system was enabled.


Displays the question from the list of questions that was previously set.


Displays the voting title when editing the article.


Displays the question from the voting when editing the article.


Displays the list of possible answers when editing the article.


You can specify categories in a browser bar to be selected by default. This feature is added for articles publishing module. For this the following URL is used:, where "X" stands for IDs of needed categories, separated by comma. For example, if you use http://yourwebsitename.comindex.php?do=addnews&category=3,4,5, then categories with IDs 1, 2, 3 will be chosen in the article add form. It is useful if extra fields for articles of several categories are used on a website, and if you want to give several forms for posting articles in several categories to users who add articles.